Meet Third Wheel



     Watching improv turned into taking improv classes, which turned into performing and there is no end in sight!

     In addition to improv Kevin has also performed in local murder mystery dinner theatre, been part of an award winning short film as well as several scripted theatre productions.

     Kevin likes to clear his mind before shows with music and a fun warm up.  While on stage he enjoys Party Quirks and Late for Work.


"The Peggs"

Heather started her improv journey and Kevin followed shortly thereafter...and they haven't stopped since.  Along their path they have met some of the most amazing beings, and have become known by many as "The Peggs". 





   After many years of adulting; Heather has a new life sharing joy with an audience.             

 Being on stage is a comfort for Heather, she meets amazing people along the way...she's found herself in Stratford, Waterloo, Orillia, St Thomas, St Mary's. 

   Heather has performed and taught improv with Shut The Front Door's troupe (formerly in Off The Hinges) and with Rail City Improv.

   She has had the fortunate opportunity to take workshops with Laura Hall, Adam Cawley and Rob Norman, Ken Hall and Rebecca Northan.  

For over a decade Heather has directed and produced an annual employee lip sync show aptly named Syncapalooza for her corporate employer during their United Way campaign.

Uniting staff in a lunch hour of fun! 

   She was "Sara Hastings" in Getting Sara Married  with St Mary's Community Players. Heather finds a passion in entertaining audiences through her physicality and characters.

   Heather knows improv has a way of joining people, with support and kindness & and Heather recently became ordained to perform wedding ceremonies in Ontario. No joke she is Chaplain Heather!   

Third Wheels

2018TWIcast -Denise3-SQHR.jpg

Denise Fowler

     It's just a stones throw away in St Thomas where Denise lives, along with her supportive and long suffering fiancé. 

    Together they have raised 4 now young adult children, who (she says) mildly tolerate her lame attempts at humour and staying relevant.

   Denise has always loved comedy and improv, but was too afraid to give it a try. Until she finally mustered up the nerve to attend a drop in class so she could check it off her bucket list. Denise hasn’t looked back since. 

   Denise completed Shut The Front Door series of improv classes and celebrated her first performance in her Masterclass graduation show in February 2018.

   When not folding piles of laundry, Denise can be found playing soccer, listening to True Crime podcasts, or day dreaming about crafting projects she will never get around to doing!

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Marc Dekker

   Marc was thrust into a world that any Mongolian Hoard would envy.  His family was living the life of the modern nomad. With rentals in place of yurts, and urban sprawl in place of unending grasslands, throughout his youth, Marc’s family moved many places from coast to coast before settling in London Ontario.           Marc made many, many friends a long the way that wouldn’t recognize him in the street.  With a healthy dose of denial and unearned self-esteem Marc naturally gravitated towards performing arts. 

   When presented with the whimsy and stage time that improv affords one, Marc jumped at the opportunity.           He’s no spring chicken being over 40, but, with gusto and grit, and several other dated ‘g’ words, he may just be living the fateful dream that his parents never had for him. 

   Favourite improv games include, but are not limited to “Superheroes” and “Elimination”.

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Vivien King-Sherwood

A proud London native, Viv recently moved back home after decades of living in rural Ontario, and almost immediately jumped into the world of amateur theatre and improv. When not awkwardly yelling, “Yes, and...” at strangers, or trying to explain at length why questions are a bad thing, Vivien teaches English and spoils her dog (and sometimes her husband). Her favourite improv activities include trying to not embarrass her troupe mates and keeping everyone's scene names straight.